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 Guild Raiding Rules, read before applying.

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PostSubject: Guild Raiding Rules, read before applying.   Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:19 am

Required for raiding addons: Deadly Boss Mods, Omen, Group calender, and you also need Vent. If you show up to a raid without one of these you will be removed. The best way to keep them up to date is with its a great tool.

Some basic shit that everyone should know when raiding.

1. Show up to raid 30 minuted before the raid is scheduled so we can start inviting people and be inside killing shit by the time it starts.

2. Have potions, flasks, well fed, wizard oil, regents, and anything else on you during the raid no reason people should be not have this stuff every raid. Using flasks, well fed, and other buffs are not required for trash.

3. Do not talk in the raid channel wile loot is being distributed so we can get the loot done quicker and keep killing shit.

4. Do not talk when the boss is being explained.

5. If you do not know the raid go look it up on the internet so you know the fights and we do not have to spend half our night explaining to you what to do.

6. Have your shit enchanted and socketed. If you show up to the raid without gems and things being enchanted you will be removed.

7. Remember not everyone gets loot every night and that it will come to you.

8. Do not do stupid things in general or trade channel (applies to being in a raid and not). We do not need our name discrased by someone spamming trade.

9. Figure out buffs before the raid starts no reason we should be sitting there because a class cant figure out what buffs there doing. If your class requires a addon download it before the raid.

10. Show up in the spec you use for raiding. If a special spec is use (mage tank or something) the the guild will reimburse you.

11. Have the required addons such as but not limited to Group calender, omen, deadly boss mod, and in some cases class addons. Also have Vent and be in it 15 minuted before the raid starts we will not wait for people to get the addons ready we will replace them.

12. If you are AFK or get dced we will not wait more then 5 min without prior consent we have 24 other people that would be waiting and it is not fare to them.

13. Any of these can get you kicked out of the raid at any time. If you end up being kicked out right before a boss because we just found out you broke one of these its not our fault. Also if we remove you and you want to talk about it talk after the raid. A just a nice "can i talk to you after the raid for some questions" is all you need to say.

These rules will be updated as needed so please check back every now and then.

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Guild Raiding Rules, read before applying.
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