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 hunter app

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PostSubject: hunter app   Sat Aug 30, 2008 9:51 am

Character Name? camthekingg
Race/Class? night elf hunter
Talent Spec? 41/20 bm mm
If you are not a raiding spec please indicate why.
i am

Please link the of your character.

What days and time are you able to raid?
almost any, i know your raid days and times already i have no problem whatsoever with that

Please list other characters you currently play also please give a history of your guilds (including reason for joining/leaving). none really, only guilds were mean thing which i left b/c officers were not doing their job

List bosses you have downed and with what guild. If older then 2 months please specify date.
all kara, gruuls lair, close on mag, and 5/6 of za....gotten zj down to 10 % multiple times though

What would your response be to spending 100g on elixirs, flasks, pots, and food then wiping all night and ending up with a 50g repair bill on a new encounter? i do it all the biggie

If Pyrogenic gets pissed because your standing in the fucking fire and starts yelling at you because you aren't even intelligent enough to move out of fire. what would your response be? well, being brutally honest i dont like or appreciate people yelling at me, i usually get pissed at myself and would kick my own ass before someone had to do it for me.

Whats your FPS in 25 mans? Does your computer have any problems like DCing or glitching? no i very very rarely get dced or glitched...fps isnt the best but it works good enough...usually around 20 or so

Why do you want to join us? see new stuff and play w/ friends

Why should we recruit you? not to sound conceited but i am flat out a very good hunter, know my class and gear very well, i put out 8-900 dps on an off-day, and main thing is I WATCH OMEN unlike some other hunters, while i realize dps is nice and great and all, i do not think of it as a competition, all that does is wipe a raid once you pull aggro off tank

Have you gone to any websites and read up on your characters? If so please list websites. this is really my only char, and i know pretty much everything about hunters, except for survival spec but honestly if your raiding in survival spec if its not needed for that raid, you need to be shot.
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PostSubject: Re: hunter app   Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:16 pm

talk to Mchealalot ingame about your app.
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hunter app
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